Frank De-Levi and his wife Kristina are from Pacifica, California and run a medical home health agency called HomeAssist Home Health Services to serve people who are homebound, usually after being discharged from a hospital or facility.  Their doctor will refer patients with medical home health, meaning they could receive visits from a range of professionals, including nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, and medical social workers.  This helps maintain safety and care in the home for patients and it also saves the insurance companies money.  It is less expensive to have a nurse from a home health agency come to the patient’s home than to have them recovering in a hospital or a facility.  It is better for everyone because more often than not, the patient wants to go home and it’s a lot more convenient for them to receive services there than being stuck in a hospital room that is oftentimes much less pleasant.

Home healthcare is an extremely difficult business to get into, especially in the state of California. Frank De-Levi and Kristina De-Levi are independent business professionals and needed to be licensed with the California Department of Public Health with various accreditations. Frank has studied business and marketing and have a vast background in small business development and marketing to consumers on an international level. Kristina is currently studying medical administration and she also has much experience in business administration and management.  They both have a deep compassion for the elderly and patients who require an additional element of safety at home and took their common skillsets and experiences and applied them towards this company.

HomeAssist Home
Health Services

A medical home health agency that serves people who are homebound in Pacifica, California.